Structured Cabling Solutions

At Illinois Business Communications, we are proud of the superior work we provide our clients installing structured cabling solutions for their commercial buildings. A structured cabling system is a comprehensive system of cabling and hardware to provide a business or organization with network infrastructure to keep its employees connected and productive with telephone service or data transmission service. A company’s network infrastructure is the backbone of their productivity and it’s essential that is be reliable and installed correctly the first time.

We know that there are a number of structured cabling companies in Chicago but our experience and dedication to customer service make us the network and cabling experts to call when your business needs to be connected. Our structured cabling technicians have received hours of training and on-the-job experience to ensure our work meets structured cabling standards. We work quickly but most importantly our work is done right the first time. Every structured cabling system is unique. In fact, our technicians love challenges to be able to put their experience and expertise to work in solving problems.

We wanted to share some of the latest projects we have been working on to showcase how our structured cabling technicians rise to each unique challenge.

Hospital Wireless Network Upgrade

A Chicago area hospital, asked us to return to their campus and upgrade their wireless network infrastucture. We originally installed cabling for them for wireless access about 10 years ago. With more and more people using the wireless network and their need for faster connection speeds, they asked us to come back and upgrade the structured cabling and add more access points. The more users a wireless network has, the more access points are needed and more coverage required to work effectively.

We supplemented the structured cabling system that was already in place to ensure all the buildings around the hospital campus all had wireless access.

New Construction Cabling Installation

We were recently asked to save a large, new construction project when the current structured cabling installation company was dismissed halfway through the job. They did not have the qualifications to complete the project. We were asked to come in and pick up where the other contractor left off.

Our technicians were up to the challenge but had to overcome a few obstacles. First, all of the network cable had already been pulled and were not labeled correctly. A floor plan was not available for which to draw necessary information from. Our technicians successfully traced all the wires and as-built drawings were successfully generated.

Some of the already installed cables were too short so we had to improvise and solve problems. Some of the short cables were rerouted for shorter runs, closer to the closet thus preventing the cost of pulling new. Once we defined the structured cabling plan, we terminated 800 cables as well as the fiber optic cable between the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and the 2 IDF’s (Intermediate Distribution Frame). Finally, we laced all of the cables through the cubicles, working hand in hand with multiple trades to ensure a smooth installation.

Safety Concern at Behavioral Health Hospital

A Chicago area behavioral health practice asked us to help them solve a safety issue with their wall phones. Phones were being vandalized and parts stolen. Repairs were costly and a constant issue. Relocations of the cable and wall plates to more secure areas helped stem off future issues.

Recreational Club House Connectivity

We were contracted by a North Shore Golf Course that needed connectivity to their remote Club House. The two buildings were pretty far apart and any structured cabling solution would require cabling that could withstand the elements. Based on our experience, direct burial cable would be needed. Direct burial cable is gel filled to protect the electrical wires against water seepage, since the cables would be underground.

An electrician installed conduit in the ground and our IBC technicians ran the direct burial cable through the conduit. We also grounded both ends of the cable so the system would be impervious to lightening strikes, a common threat to outside cable installations.

Whether you are upgrading your computer network to boost productivity, adding more access points, or need to clean up the nightmare of old cables in your wiring closet, call Chicago area structured cabling installers like us, first, to determine your needs. Give us a call at 630-860-2266. We are happy to answer any of your questions.